About Us

Hi. We are Sergio & Jena the two behind this beloved Wagbox company. We both grew up in the same town around all the same things and people. When we got married we loved spending time together as we had many similar interests. We both loved art, theater, traveling and being active together. Married in August of 2009 it wasn't until 3 years later that our “family” got bigger. Ok, well bigger in the sense of adopting a shelter buddy.
It was a hard year in 2012. Jena was working full time but early in 2012 I, Sergio found myself out of a job. It was at this time I was personally growing a business from the ground up. However, this was in its infancy and the job that was paying bills was down from 2 to now 1. During this period Jena was periodically looking online at shelter adoption facilities in and around our home. The thought came to her since I was at home working on personal training and developing. She was thinking a furry friend would be of some comfort and good company. The strong convictions about having a family pet like she used to stayed. One day a photo was seen on a shelter site. She just couldn’t deny submitting an application on this puppy that was an hour out of town.
Unfortunately this puppy wasn’t adoptable at the time as it was too young. Jena still proceeded with the application. We also found out that it was being sought after by another person or family. We were 2nd in line. But on June 17th, 2012 we got word that the puppy eventually did not get adopted. The next day, my 31st birthday the trip was made. We brought home our small buddy of a fluffy nature. In the next year we added another adopted shelter fluffy friend. Teddy & little Debbie are such a joy.
We hope to have you become part of our story.
Sergio & Jena Bueno