What is wagbox.com you might ask? Wagbox.com is a subscription box company geared towards dogs and their owners. Furry family members receive a box of treats and toys once a month. Each box contains 2-3 bags of treats, two toys, and an accessory.

In the spring of 2018, Wagbox.com was just an idea. We were wondering what dogs do to indicate excitement and happiness? The answer was simple; they wag their tails. Hence wagbox.com was born. We want dogs to see the box coming their way causing them to shake their tail with excitement.

We also asked for suggestions on what the boxes should contain. It was suggested that we find treats that come only from USA manufacturers and that the treats don’t contain grains and artificial ingredients. It was also stressed that the treats provided don’t contain formaldehyde. That is why Wagbox.com is committed to procuring treats made in the USA from small brands who care about the health of our furry friends. Since they are trying to put their best foot forward and grow their reach, small brands have an incentive to produce healthy treats to build their brand. That is why Wagbox.com is partnering with small businesses who want greater exposure.

As for the toys? Wagbox.com is committed to finding toys with safety in mind. The team at Wagbox.com test toys before including them in the monthly box. Safety is of utmost importance, especially when it comes to our furry friends.

Again Wagbox.com launches this month and excitement is in the air. We are excited about what 2019 may bring. And we are thrilled with this adventure and look forward to hearing exciting stories of your furry friends receiving their Wagboxes.


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